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27 Oct 2015

The 3M Crystalline Window technology for Automotive window filming is really a breakthrough for consumers as the rejection of infrared heat from sunlight is extraordinary while reducing glare effectively.

The CR 40 style of window tinting film features a UV rejection of 99.9%, visible light transmission of 39%, a rejection of total solar technology of 60%, a 97% infrared rejection factor and a 55% glare reduction. These factors make the 3M CR 40 film an incredibly welcome addition to the windows of any automobile or vehicle on the road. Austin Sunshades

This new film comprising the ultimate in this very advanced technology offers clarity that's far superior in performance as well as the clear vision it makes available, in spite of each of the harmful components which can be rejected.

The film contains no metal components, so there is absolutely no interference with signals through the communication devices. The show will never turn different colors due to the advanced crystalline technology that's employed in its manufacture.

Visibility at night is enhanced, particularly with headlights that seem to glare obnoxiously every time, and with 3M technology, glare is dramatically reduced.

Children the company who invented window tint in 1966, this is the most advanced, far reaching and technologically sound window tint which has been created, period. 3M aimed to boost the comfort of passengers driving in the car, while at the same time desire to was to protect the car's interior plus provide superior protection from the sun's harmful rays for the passengers in the car. 3m crystalline window tint austin

The initial appearance of the vehicle is maintained because the window tint is seamless when placed on the windows from the car. The film appears specific and transparent on the surface of the car, yet is the ultimate in rejecting harmful elements from the sun.

The 3M automobile films incorporate a multiple layer optical film technology which is proprietary to 3M. You can find well over 200 layers in the film that works over to be much thinner than a Post-It-Note. The precision and exact technical skill for making the film is the reason that a seemingly very clear film can reject more heat than films which can be much darker as well as the appearance of the car is hardly changed whatsoever.

The two sources of solar heat, solar light which you see, and the infrared which you feel are both held from exploding, with this innovative film that repels them both, for your protection and safety.


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